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That in itself was a challenge, not loosing the energy or feeling of a looser sketch. In this sequence, I wanted to push the drama by adding a lot of contrast and a very warm light hitting everything sideways.

I also felt like the lighting style of this movie was a lot more complex than on other shows (which is neither good or bad, just different). The beginning of the movie is supposed to feel like a documentary film of an uninviting snowscape, so I started there (without going overly dramatic), then progressively added more warmth as we meet our main characters. The directors wanted to make sure we ended up with the penguins leaving their home at sunset in the end, so this was also a transition sequence linking up from the previous one.

Something other than the human mind is at play here.

i actually had him hiding in the bathroom he was suppose to comeout once the girls were done with the girl on girl.

I had a great time working on this film for a little under a year.