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Xbmc updating nvidia drivers

xbmc updating nvidia drivers-21

The result will be a customized media center allowing the user to add support for specific hardware or providing additional functionalities.

An XBMC Live system will be exactly like the one that this procedure will generate, except that no build environment will be available by default.This section focuses on the video card and monitor set-up.In Ubuntu, the X configuration directory can be found at /usr/lib/X11/d.This page is only kept for historical reasons, or in case someone wants to try updating it.Most of XBMC users are aware that XBMC Live is being released regularly by Team XBMC, allowing a set-top box experience both running from a CD, a flash disk or fixed disk drive.Package: xbmc Version: .0~git20120403.ec33f1f repack1-5 Severity: normal Hello there, After upgrading XBMC from 11.0-0.0 to .0~git20120403.ec33f1f repack1-5, VDPAU playback stopped working.

With HD videos I now get a flickering white/black screen, and sometimes XBMC freezes, or crashes with a segmentation fault.

NVIDIA Quadro NVS GPUs deliver graphics tailored to the business professional.

This page or section has not been updated in a long time, no longer applies, refers to features that have been replaced/removed, and/or may not be reliable.

When you restart your machine you should be able to recover quickly by simply restoring your file.

Another good idea is to perform the two above copy command before you modify

Many of the configurations settings in use aren't explicitly set by the files in this directory, but are rather hard-coded into the system.