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There is a particular type of cruelty directed to gender non-conforming / transfeminine people that is not challenged (let alone acknowledged).

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North Carolina essentially passed an unnecessary law that backfired by opening the door for a federal power grab, a lesson in the absurdity rampant in current political discourse.Please try your best to counter these as you see them happen.1) People tagging their friends and saying, "Is this you?" or "Doesn't this look just like _____" followed by tear tear emojis. The idea here is that I am a "failed" man and that my femininity is a joke that is more embarrassing than anything.Dave Rubin recently interviewed Blaire White on his Rubin Report show, prefacing the talk with opening remarks on the pivotal North Carolina bathroom issue he described as “the outrage of the month.” Various high-profile celebrities cancelled shows in the state in what Rubin characterized as “virtue signaling,” punishing all North Carolinians, regardless of their stance on the issue.He spoke of how transgender people had used the bathroom of their choice for years without problem, adding that the new law was more “moralizing” than necessary legislation.It looks like the season of bringing back old characters/storylines continues as we get to witness Maureen Ponderosa getting married… The first marriage didn’t work out so well since Dennis is kind of a dick, and she has a nasty dead tooth that only a mother could love.

But apparently someone else loves her disgusting dead tooth, that makes her mouth smell like a rotting sea bass, because the gang ends up crashing her wedding tonight.

I'm not going to say that a tranny is a car part not a transsexual person.

That person on Tyra was not a guy she was/is a transsexual woman and her boyfriend is straight.

Just the narrow views of the intolerant right, some might think, but Blaire White is a trans woman.

This isn’t the sort of plain talk you’d expect from an outspoken trans woman assigned male at birth.

Central to the world I want to create for myself and the people I love is a deep and earnest commitment to interdependence -- naming when we need help (and being celebrated and affirmed for it! When gender non-conforming/transfeminine people do something as simple as make an argument for our own dignity..are demonized and ridiculed.