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Wife swapping and dating

Joe goes over to comfort her, and she cold-cocks him right in the jaw.He walked right into it.” Piscopo later told a friend, “Now Martha Stewart is looking good to me.

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By the summer of 2009, their friendship had turned into love.All went well until we climbed into our opposite wife's bed and discovered our own wife waiting.Apparently, unknown to us lads, our women folk had the same idea with basically the same plan.Anyway, as time marched on, my mate and I got around to discussing the possibilities of a wife swap. the next morning that we would both arise on the pretext of going to the kitchen for a drink.Deciding that both wives would not be adverse to such an act, or if so would only berate us as "naughty children" as opposed to walking out on us. Confirming our intentions, we preceded to each others bedroom and wife.She suffered a broken heart after her husband of 14 years, legendary producer Mutt Lange, left her for her best friend in 2008.

But country singer Shania Twain, 45, is now said to be 'happier than she's ever been' - after getting engaged to the man whose wife stole her husband.

Several months ago, my wife and I went on a short holiday with another couple and shared a holiday cottage between us.

We were already close friends, although nothing of a sexual nature had ever occurred (discounting mild friendly flirting).

Strangely, neither couple feels that their marriage has suffered any negative forces.

In fact, we both feel stronger because of the honesty involved.

Oh history, how do you even make doin’ it with your neighbor’s wife look so romantic?