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Who was gia allemand dating

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She ultimately chose Ian Mc Kee, but they broke up in February 2005.

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News the pair was encouraged to hook up prior to production starting.engaged, Amanda and Josh's relationship crumbled in a highly dramatic, extremely public way. News her former fiancé was "extremely controlling" of her, which prompted the controversial reality star to threaten legal action over "falsehoods" and "misrepresentations" shared by Amanda about him.Yesterday, the Fashion and music world was simultaneously struck when news of designer L’Wren Scott’s passing came to light.Scavullo's subjects included Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin, Gore Vidal, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Diana Ross, Kim Basinger, Calvin Klein, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Debbie Harry, Madonna and Brad Pitt. Her dark melancholic Italian beauty stood in contrast to the typical blonde hair-blue eyed model then the normative. She would say things like: "I'm not impressed by somebody who's got a Lear jet and who's going to take me to Florida every weekend.Her career soared like a star shooting in the night sky. I just want a body, like a nice hot body and some big lips.The ' Praying' singer's fashion sense has always been bold, but she's transformed into a bright butterfly reflective of her new album title, ' Rainbow.' Click through the gallery to see her latest bold choices.

looms in the distance over a widely-speculated occurrence involving two if its most infamous contestants, fans of the long-running competition series are reminded that sometimes the most reality TV-worthy (and extremely serious) moments break when the cameras aren't rolling.

Plucked from obscurity, Gia Carangi's looks redefined beauty for a generation.

But her life - and untimely death - were anything but a fairytale.

We remember those members of the entertainment industry who departed the same way here.

WENNBy the time she was 12 years old, L’Wren Scott stood six feet tall.

The 49-year-old girlfriend of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger took her life by hanging herself from a doorknob, proving that though women in her position may have fame and fortune, celebrities are not without their inner demons, either.