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Who is flyoyd mayweather dating

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In all, Mayweather’s home measures some 7,300 square feet and has a total of seven bedroom and nine baths.

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Built in 2005, the welterweight champion’s spread spares no expense with a vaulted ceilings and marble flooring, along with amenities like a chef’s kitchen and a posh sunken living room.Floyd has earned around $25 million outside the ring selling merchandise and from a handful of relatively small endorsment deals.When you total it all up Floyd Mayweather's total career earnings as of this writing are $730 million.His professional boxing record as of this writing is an astonishing 48 wins and 0 losses. Floyd is consistently the highest paid athlete in the world.Despite having very few endorsement deals, Floyd can easily earn $80 million – $150 million a year when he is fighting.Between June 2014 and June 2015, Floyd earned a mind-boggling $300 million.

Floyd's Career Earnings: He also earned around $2 million from his first 15 fights that proceeded the 2005 match against Arturo Gatti.

The real rarity is being entertaining and masterful, that's why we hold those individuals and teams in high esteem.

Think prime Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, John Mc Enroe, or the old school samba style Brazilian teams and basketball’s 1992 Dream Team.

got paid and then some last year to the tune of $90 million, a figure that made him the highest-paid U. That would be adding a few more million to the coffers by selling his Las Vegas mansion.

So what does America’s richest athlete do for an encore performance?

There was widespread disappointment with Floyd Mayweather’s victory over Manny Pacquiao, echoed in the discontent about Chelsea’s title win.