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Who is cher dating in 2016

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Cher has married twice, but her most famous husband is undoubtedly Sonny Bono.

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Cher was all smiles with her three other girlfriends as she sipped on refreshing cocktails and ate Italian gelato.Would have taken a few of mom's little wrinkles. Chaz and I said Son would be HORRIFIED with Trump," she tweeted.She thinks it's magic." WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Nails Cher Impersonation During Sing-along With Josh Hutcherson She also tweeted this, which we're having a hard time translating from Cher-speak, but which seems pretty sweet, nonetheless: Anyone who follows the almost EGOT winner -- she's just missing that Tony – knows Cher loves talking politics, and she tweeted some insight into what her late ex-husband, Sonny Bono, would think of Donald Trump. "Chaz told me Son was friends with BARNEY FRANK." (Frank is one of the most prominent gay politicians in the U.If she could turn back time, maybe Cher would still be dating Tom Cruise.The 67-year-old singer shed some light on her love life thanks to a quiz from “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen on Thursday night. ” Cohen asked the “Believe” singer whom she would rank as her best lover.“A lot of them kind of came in first,” Cher diplomatically replied. “It’s not a long list, just a good list.” Cher described her former sweetheart as a “great, lovable guy,” and told Cohen that their relationship had gotten “hot and heavy” back in the day.

“I’ve just had the greatest lovers ever.” “Where does Tom Cruise rank on that list? But Cruise, who Cher dated in the mid-1980s, wasn’t the only paramour Cher dished about.

Nowadays, Cher prefers to keep mum on her love life, she told Cohen.

“The moment anyone knows you have a boyfriend, you don’t have a boyfriend because it’s just too hard,” Cher said.

Over the decades, Cher has been as well known for her romances as she is for her fierce sense of style and her hit songs.

The singer and actress, who turns 70 on May 20, has had love affairs with everyone from her original singing partner and first husband, Sonny Bono, to Tom Cruise and Warren Beatty.

” Cher dished about her romance with Cruise in an interview with Oprah in 2008.