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When recording from vcr to dvd it keeps updating

Whether you have a stack of VHS tapes that you’ve wanted to digitize, or you found a box of VHS tapes in your parent’s house, you can easily convert those VHS tapes to DVDs.

Services Visit our website for order forms and more pricing information about local, no ship delivery.Some electronics manufacturers still produce DVD/VCR combo players.These units not only play, record and archive your old media, but they also alleviate the problem of having two separate players for DVDs and VHS cassettes.The players and tapes didn’t become readily available for consumers until the late 1970s.While VCRs had about a 20-year reign as the video player/recorder for the home, things changed with the introduction of the DVD in the late 1990s.In this comparison, you'll find articles about DVD/VCR combos and comprehensive reviews to help you choose the right device for you.

NCSU Libraries occassionally reformats VHS tapes to DVD to continue to provide access to older format course materials.

when i put in a VHS it record it then i put it on the HDD/SSD then edited it in a ? software then i put it back in the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 then it burn the DVD it has no problem burning it and it reads it on WMP, DVD Player, xbox 360, but when i put it in my blu-ray player it will not work but if i only use Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 to edit and burning it, it works.

is there a update I looked at the Roxio site for updates - - but did not find one specifically for Easy VHS to DVD. Just to make sure I understand correctly, a DVD burned using Roxio Easy VHS to DVD plays in everything but the Blu-ray player? Wish I could have been of more help but not quite sure what to tell you to try next.

However, if you have a large library of old VHS tapes and DVDs, you don't want to give up all that media yet.

You need a player that allows you to enjoy these media formats even amidst all the new entertainment technology.

For the photo lover, family historian, legacy seeker and passionate human.