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You will be given 8 chances to complete the telephone verification.If this is not completed within the 8 chances, you will be able to request a cancellation of the order and replace the order again in 24 hours and complete the verification. Please provide the method of payment and transaction ID for the purchase to our support team in order to assist you.

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I’ve been sort of playing around with the concept — “Steal This Singularity” — for several months now.

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If you have not received your order please contact us to inquire by clicking ”Submit a Ticket” at the bottom of this page. Login to your customer control panel and click on the red “Telephone Verification” notification at the top of your My Account page. Click on the Telephone Verification link in the email we sent you and a code will be sent to the telephone registered to the account either by SMS (Text Message) or automated voice call whichever is compatible with your phone number.

The technology doesn’t insure this by its very nature.

And the current general trend in this regard is not positive, but extremely ambiguous at best. Recoding/uncoding the programming/engineering monkey-mind Upon spending an afternoon at Singularity Summit and spending an evening vicariously experiencing Joaquin Phoenix’ trickster walkabout, another feeling emerged and, with it, a different sort of “Steal This Singularity” theme. The tricksters, the freaks, the surrealists, the hedonists, the outsiders — and all the uncodable strangeness that emerges from the biological codes’ diversification into cultural complexity and then into something as perverse and rationally pointless as a multilayered prank in a cinematic celebrity culture — must hijack the engineer’s Singularity and recode it or uncode it so as to allow for liminal spaces outside its totalizing grasp.

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