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If someone could explain to me how the validation can be completed for dynamically hidden/unhidden inputs it would be muchly appreciated!

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This revised BR describes the methods that CAs may use to confirm domain ownership or control.This ballot has an effective date of March 1, 2017.CA-Browser Forum BR 1.3.7-redlined w Ballot 169 Ballot 169 – Revised Validation Requirements The following motion has been proposed by Jeremy Rowley of Digi Cert and endorsed by Tim Hollebeek of Trustwave and Doug Beattie of Global Sign: Background: The primary purpose of this change is to replace Domain Validation item 7 “Using any other method of confirmation which has at least the same level of assurance as those methods previously described” with a specific list of the approved domain validation methods (including new methods proposed by Members).Once the field becomes visible, I'd like to validate these fields again, however.I'm not sure how to do this without iterating over each non-hidden field and ensuring the "data-abide-ignore" attribute is not set (which seems to defeat the purpose of this being implemented in the first place).He has assisted the Health authorities of South Africa, Israel, Cyprus, Ukraine, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong in obtaining PIC/S membership.

He works frequently in developing countries, supporting their efforts to establish safe and compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Bob Tribe has over three decades of pharmaceutical regulatory compliance experience, and is regarded as a true expert in the field.

As Chief GMP Auditor at the Australian TGA for 23 years, Bob had a hand in creating many of the GMP requirements now in place.

He has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the whole product lifecycle.

Trevor has been consulting for 12 years, designing, building, validating and operating plants and consulting directly to regulatory agencies.

Let us know if such workaround helps you with your work.