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Updating nutone intercom and radio system

updating nutone intercom and radio system-78

Central Vacuum Stores has worked tirelessly to bring you the best possible solutions.We receive countless calls from customers looking to repair their 3303 system.

We’re interested in hearing what you’d do with [Kyle]’s hardware, so leave your ideas in the comments.Yes, in classic minimalist style, the engineers for this intercom system used the speaker as a microphone.[Kyle] would like to keep the wonderful plastic fantastic aesthetic of the intercom system, but he’s looking for something cool to do with this hardware.The IM4006 was a very reliable system right from the beginning with the exception of a new type of wire that Nu Tone introduced for the IM4006.The new wire was Nu Tone's IW6R, the “R” stands for ribbon.The NM100 supports up to 15 remote stations when retrofitting a 4-wire system, and 13 remote stations when retrofitting a 3-wire system.

It will also support up to 3 door stations and features a built-in AM/FM radio tuner allowing 8 AM station presets and 8 FM station presets.

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The IM4006 was introduced in 1986 and quickly became the most popular music intercom system that Nu Tone had ever made.