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Updating intellisense crash

Forms namespace to opt-in XAML intellisense instead.

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In Visual Studio 2015, the XAML editor became extensible so we could take advantage of all the work already done by Microsoft for WPF by just providing some metadata via the Nu Get package itself, and registering our Xamarin.You can download this update either from Microsoft Download Center or directly from Visual Studio 2015 by following this path: "Tools -If you have come this far, it means that you liked what you are reading.Why not reach little more and connect with me directly on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linked In.But that won’t turn off XAML intellisense, which will be all red (as it is without the 1.5-pre nuget).Now the long answer if you’re interested :) For Visual Studio 20, we provide Xamarin.I’ve been watching the changes from using the file to MSBuild (e.g. Instead of manually updating it (which you can do with the SDK alone), I decided to just open the project in Visual Studio 2017 and let it update it for me.

What I ended up with was a backup directory with my old file and a couple of new files: The .csproj file is the new way to handle the compiler settings and references for the project.

In addition to this manual workaround, we’ll post an updated Xamarin.

Forms pre-release nuget package that won’t provide the design assemblies to XAML and will stop the crash from happening.

The upgrade wasn’t painful (look back at those Beta 7-Beta 8 upgrades for that story), but knowing where they moved your cheese is important.

Hopefully this post helps you with the same issues.

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