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Updating esxi server

updating esxi server-75

To take advantage of new and updated features in v Sphere 6.5, I recently needed to update one of my lab systems from ESXi 6.0 to ESXi 6.5.

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For instructions about conducting an orchestrated virtual machine upgrade, see section in the v Sphere Upgrade Guide.Many folks are waiting for VMware to “polish” the 6.0 release the latest patches which don’t break things, but that’s not always the case.According to the latest KB2145667, you can safely go ahead and finally patch ESXi 6.0 host as the latest ESXi 6.0 patch don’t break anything. Those of you who stepped in and runs v Sphere 6.0, you might want to install latest ESXi VMware patch.Caution: The install method has the possibility of overwriting existing drivers.If you are using third-party ESXi images, VMware recommends using the update method to prevent an unbootable state.Where to download the latest patches and how to apply them to the host.

We will focus on simple CLI method today for environments with single ESXi host.

To Install: 07/11/2012 - Added procedure for verifying VIBs are installed.

07/19/2012 - Changed install to update for the command.

I could then use my browser to inspect and manage my system and take it out of maintenance mode.

By default, the timeout value for the VMware Host Client is set to 15 minutes.

I rebooted the system after placing the system in maintenance mode.