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Updating bmc remedy via html form

Publishing data or interfaces to the AR System can be done on Mid-Tier, via a HTTP Web Service interface.

hi when i try to update remedy form via code, i face the following exception Error (91): Cannot open catalog; Message number = 91: RPC: Unable to send; System error i am trying to updating the ...If I remove the two problem fields, Copy From Recordset ...My situation is fairly specific so I am hoping that someone has some insight that could help me.A: In a load balanced environment where the session persistence is off ( sometimes called the "sticky bit" ) the user will end up using all of the servers that are behind the VIP.Since 7604 ( not sure which service pack) we recommend persistence to be off.SQLServer Exception: The operation could not be performed because OLE DB provider "Ora OLEDB.

Oracle" for linked server "REMEDYORACLELNK" was unable to begin a distributed transaction. Abstract Fallback SQLException Translator.translate(Abstract Fallback SQLException ~[na:na] From there run the and accepted the defaults. •Double click "Distributed Transaction Coordinator". •Right click "Local DTC" under "Distributed Transaction Coordinator", and click properties. •Put tick marks on the checkboxes "Allow Remote Clients" and "Allow Outbound".

Oracle client binaries by default are installed under C:\app\client\Administrator\product\12.1.0. 000124913 - Remedy - Server - Unable to update view form via a linked server - Error: "Ora OLEDB.

After installed these Oracle 12c libs and performed the steps mentioned below it should update the remote db.

All the enhancements in Remedy 9.0, Smart IT 1.1 and My IT 2.5 are available to and valuable for federal customers.

Note that there are no special features that apply just to federal customers.

Note that Smart IT doesn’t not require any special user licenses.