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TGEU encourages other states to review and reform their legislation with the same aim and in this spirit.The Bill introduces a quick, transparent and accessible gender recognition procedure, based on self-determination, and foresees pro-active equality measures.

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In addition, the Church had fallings out with the then Prime Minister Dom Mintoff as well as an earlier Prime Minister, Lord Strickland.Last year, the number of exclusively civil marriages eclipsed the number of church weddings for the first time.Archbishop Charles Scicluna had opposed the same-sex marriage law, reflecting the church's long-standing view that marriage can only be between a man and woman.The Maltese Church needs to re-examine how it deals with change and political challenges The news that Malta has legalised gay marriage – an event that coincidentally took place while I was visiting the island – has been interpreted by some as a sign of the collapse of Maltese Catholicism. It is absolutely true that the Maltese bishops opposed the change; however, not for the first time, the bishops found themselves on the losing side.Back in 2011, they opposed the introduction of divorce, which was passed, though by a relatively narrow margin.The group's ad criticizes the country’s two political parties vying for leadership for “incrementally beef[ing] up their standing at the ballot box by promising or enacting gay marriage laws for the 1%.” “Same-sex marriage is unnatural.

It runs against natural law as designed by God and handed down to us through every generation in our Maltese history,” states the ad.

Indeed, the law's passage marked the latest evidence of the transformation of the once-conservative nation of about 440,000 people, where divorce was illegal until 2011.

While abortion remains banned in Malta, adoption by same-sex couples has been legal since civil unions were introduced in 2014.

Thus, parents or legal guardians of an underage person can apply.

The best interest of the child and the views of the minor have to be given due consideration.

Both opposition parties supported it, ensuring its passage.