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The programs provide resources and tools for participants, and young adult presenters reduce the stigma, put a human face to mental illness, and provide hope that recovery is possible.Interested schools should contact NAMI’s Ron Wilson at 517-853-0952 or [email protected]

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If a child is overweight on his 11th birthday, it is almost certain that child will be overweight at every subsequent birthday for the rest of his life. The typical child will see a pediatrician at least 13 times before she reaches her 5th birthday.The Youth Services Department’s activities and educational resources are for kids from birth through high school.Whether enhancing literacy skills or teaching kids to code, every child in Montclair has a second place to call home.Enjoy many games that offer some friendly competition!We’ll provide Wii games (including but not limited to), Wii Sports Resort, Just Dance, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.At Birmingham Orthodontics, we help adults realign priorities.

Research shows that taking care of yourself and your smile lowers anxiety and boosts confidence – both important ingredients in enjoying life.

Experts from Dream Martial Arts lead a participatory demonstration for children and teens.

Kids will learn the benefits of mindfulness in promoting concentration and stress reduction.

Parents and Teachers as Allies (PATAA) is a 90-minute presentation appropriate for a staff professional development session.

The free programs are offered by the Michigan chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Michigan) through grants from the Flinn Foundation and the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation.

Unlike a teenager who can easily consume foods outside the purview of a parent, a young child is mostly at the mercy of what foods a parent and other caretakers make available and how these adults influence what a child eats.