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Taylor swift dating high school student

We're having a hard time keeping track of every man in the universe, so we've assembled here the definitive Rolodex of Taylor Swift's past loves.

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He's a charmer, spirited and just won first place in the Special Olympics 100 yard dash.Whit told cameras, "I transferred here as a senior and didn't know anybody, now I'll always be remembered as the student who brought Taylor Swift to prom. The video went viral and caught Upton's attention, but unfortunately she couldn't attend because of her schedule. Agdel shared a photo on her Instagram, thanking Jake for being "an awesome date!"star surprised Cesar Guerro, a 17-year old fan who was battling cancer, at a prom thrown especially for him by The Art of Elysium and Kaiser Permanente. Miley Cyrus Cyrus received one crazy promposal from Matt Peterson.If making a young man's "Wildest Dream" come true isn't reason enough to join him May 14. " You'll find a full size bronze replica of Seabiscuit at the racetrack to commemorate the horse's momentous win. Don't leave a "Blank Space" on his Twitter page.Consider this -- the San Marino prom will be at the historic Santa Anita Racetrack. You're not "Out of the Woods" or "Safe and Sound" until you give him some kind of an answer.Country music singer Taylor Swift, who won the female music video of the year award at the CMT Awards on April 14 for 'Our Song,' attended Hillcrest's prom this year as part of the reality show 'Once Upon A Prom.' The show will air on MTV on June 12.'It is so cool to be here,' said Swift, 18, of Nashville, Tenn.

'I thought I was going to miss my senior prom because I was on tour.

Victoria surprised Max at school, and invited him to her show, since she couldn't come to the actual prom. Justin Timberlake: It wasn't Prom that Timberlake attended, but the Military Corps Ball. Kelsey De Santis who was the only female serving at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence at Marine Corps Base Quantico, invited Timberlake through a Youtube video.

Taylor Swift is not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion, but Conor Kennedy is just the type of boy she's willing to come close for! Believe it or not, Conor is a high school student at the $45,000 a year New England prep school.2.

It's not just high-schoolers who get all dolled-up.

Many celebs have joined in on the formal fun and have either taken a fan or have gone solo and crashed!

But it never occurred to me to go to someone else's prom.'Swift's escort for the night was Hillcrest senior Whit Wright, 18.