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your new friends at the ' Y' will teach you… It's a great way to 'wind down' or take a 'break' from your home duties during the day. An excellent game for all ages, shapes and sizes, and different fitness levels.

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For more information please visit The North West Walking Club is situated in North West Tasmania, with around 200 members.Monthly meetings every second Tuesday at the Somerset Hotel, 7pm Contact: Julie Overall (Chairperson) [email protected] Mobile 0419 204 378 BSF's submission for Somerset into the Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Towns Award 2013 Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTS) is a community-based organisation throughout Tasmania trading goods and services, skills and time with one and another without the need for conventional money.Festival of Bright Ideas (FOBI)Come and visit TMAG at the Festival of Bright Ideas (FOBI), chat with TMAG staff, look at intriguing specimens and find out about why and what museums collect and how that may advance the science of the future.The Friday session of FOBI is for pre-booked school groups, however all are welcome to the public session on Saturday.This page is based on the law about bullying at public schools in Tasmania.

Bullying is never okay no matter what school you go to.

THIS EVENT IS FULLY BOOKEDDate: Wednesday 16 August Time: pm to pm Location: Tasmanian Herbarium, 1 College Road, Sandy Bay For more information, visit the website Beaker Street @ TMAGAcross three late-night openings, Beaker Street @ TMAG will feature presentations, hands-on workshops, talks, films and competitions, as well as a range of food and beverages.

Patrons should note this late night event is licensed and has been designed for a mature audience.

If you attend a private school and need information about bullying and what you can do about it you'll find the information on this page helpful.

If you have further questions about bullying you can also send us a Lawmail. If you are being cyber bullied you can read more on our Lawstuff page on Cyber Bullying.

For more information visit email: [email protected] mobile phone 0457 679504 or Facebook Arts Cape in Wynyard A Community group that is about moving forward and working with the community, business and key stakeholders to develop a positive and strategic direction for Somerset.