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South carolina 5400 dating violence

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169 STATUS INFORMATION General Bill Sponsors: Senators Shealy and Mc Leod Document Path: l:\s-res\ks\007Introduced in the Senate on January 10, 2017 Introduced in the House on May 9, 2017 Last Amended on May 3, 2017 Currently residing in the House Committee on Judiciary Summary: Teen Dating Violence Prevention HISTORY OF LEGISLATIVE ACTIONS Date Body Action Description with journal page number ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/13/2016 Senate Prefiled 12/13/2016 Senate Referred to Committee on Judiciary 1/10/2017 Senate Introduced and read first time (Senate Journal-page 90) 1/10/2017 Senate Referred to Committee on Judiciary (Senate Journal-page 90) 2/23/2017 Senate Referred to Subcommittee: Campsen (ch), Sabb, Talley 4/19/2017 Senate Committee report: Favorable with amendment Judiciary (Senate Journal-page 7) 4/20/2017 Scrivener's error corrected 5/3/2017 Senate Committee Amendment Adopted (Senate Journal-page 36) 5/3/2017 Senate Read second time (Senate Journal-page 36) 5/3/2017 Senate Roll call Ayes-40 Nays-0 (Senate Journal-page 36) 5/4/2017 Senate Read third time and sent to House (Senate Journal-page 17) 5/9/2017 House Introduced and read first time (House Journal-page 192) 5/9/2017 House Referred to Committee on Judiciary (House Journal-page 192) TO AMEND CHAPTER 25, TITLE 16 OF THE 1976 CODE, RELATING TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, BY ADDING ARTICLE 8, TO CREATE THE OFFENSE OF TEEN DATING VIOLENCE, TO PROVIDE A PENALTY, TO ALLOW VICTIMS TO SEEK ORDERS OF PROTECTION OR RESTRAINING ORDERS UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, TO PROHIBIT A PERSON WHO VIOLATES THE PROVISIONS OF THE ARTICLE FROM PARTICIPATING IN A PRETRIAL INTERVENTION PROGRAM, AND TO DEFINE NECESSARY TERMS; AND TO AMEND SECTION 16-3-755 OF THE 1976 CODE, RELATING TO SEXUAL BATTERY WITH A STUDENT, TO REVISE THE STRUCTURE OF THE OFFENSE TO PROVIDE THE SAME PENALTY FOR PERSONS WHO COMMIT THE OFFENSE WHEN THE VICTIM IS SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER AND TO PROVIDE A MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCE OF ONE YEAR FOR A CONVICTION, NO PART OF WHICH MAY BE SUSPENDED NOR PROBATION GRANTED.

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(A) Pursuant to this article, the magistrates court has jurisdiction over an action seeking a restraining order against a person engaged in harassment in the first or second degree or stalking. state of Illinois, is the third most populous city in the United States of America with approximately 2.7 million residents.The Chicago Police Department in conjunction with the Mayor's office have now made prostitution solicitors' information available online.One concern is the bill would align youths with the punishment levels for adults convicted of domestic violence.According to the bill, teens convicted would be guilty of a felony and serve a maximum of 10 years consecutive to any other charge.Steeped in history dating back to the 1700's, it is truly one of the area's most spectacular and cherished properties.

It is a community of brand new two- & three-bedroom townhome and flat-styled luxury apartments created for those who treasure the Lowcountry lifestyle.

According to a nationwide survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, approximately one in 10 high school students has been purposefully hit, slapped, or physically hurt by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

And according to a study done by the Department of Justice, girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate-partner violence -- almost triple the national average.

Break the Cycle, an agency devoted to empowering youth to end domestic violence, says that seven other states, a majority of which are in the south, also do not include dating relationships in their definition of domestic violence, often preventing the youngest victims of relationship abuse from applying for any type of restraining order.

"That excludes a huge amount of relationships - especially for young people," Cristina Escobar, a spokesperson for Break the Cycle, told Crimesider.

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