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Soul mate sex dating

Someone who is aligned with your soul and is sent to challenge, awaken and stir different parts of you in order for your soul to transcend to a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

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We’ve considered the concept extensively — both independently and together over Gchat — and we are of the same mind on the matter: Not only do soul mates exist but all of us have more than one soul mate out there.They arrive when we are ready to learn the lessons that we were destined to fulfill.Soulmate relationships are often not forever, this is because sometimes the relationship can be too intense or there is a certain karmic energy to the relationship that sees it come to a close once the necessary lessons have been learnt.We have many Soulmates in this life but their purpose is all the same- they are here to challenge and awaken us so our soul can evolve into a higher state of consciousness.Our Soulmates always arrive when we are ready for them and not a moment sooner.It’s limiting to think that merging with your other half must be romantic in nature.

Soul mates can be lovers, friends, family members or even pets.

A Soul-Mate will generally be on the same path as you,meaning,they have the same desires as you in regards to their needs and wants and even their goals are similar. You are both willing to grow and learn spiritual things together.

A Soul-Mate may be a person whom you feel instantly comfortable with. A have a deep respect for every part of the other...

And to quote “Annie” (kind of), “A life without soul mates is like a night without stars” — a very dark night.

But don’t think because you are single that you’ve been left out of the soul mate phenomenon.

A lot of people ask me "When will I meet my Soul-Mate?