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Small talk dating

After a bad breakup, Boomer overhears a couple on a first date chatting about bus routes and the rain.

It’s your first or second one with her, and you’re still in that “getting to know you” stage. It doesn’t mean simply changing the subject or avoiding answering her questions either.Making small talk is an important skill for a variety of social situations.Business dinners, weddings, corporate parties and even first dates require carrying on conversations with people you may not know well. Having an arsenal of topics you are comfortable chatting about is a good place to begin.Everything seems to be going well, you’re dropping your best stories, she’s laughing… She plows right into Small Talk Mode.“So, where are you from? That’s the worst thing you can do, and here’s why: The reason most women steer the conversation into small talk is because they want to get to know us better… It means her interest is growing, and she wants to know more about you. ” (I mean, jeez, I almost nodded off while typing that.)After 2 or 3 of those bad boys are launched at you, everything starts skidding sideways right into a giant pile of boredom.Your lies should be interesting, entertaining, lead to more interesting conversation, and should allow you to turn the conversation sexy, letting her know you’re attracted to her—while avoiding the insidious Friend Zone.

An example: When she asks where you’re from, instead of just saying you grew up outside of Chicago—which is not an exciting or unique answer and, unless she’s been there, is a conversational dead end—you can, say “I grew up just outside of Chicago, but in a parallel universe to yours.

Begin small talk by making eye contact and offering the person a warm and inviting smile.

This reduces tension and tells the other person you are open to a conversation.

Try current events, a favorite trip you’ve taken or a non-confrontational topic like cooking.

Ask questions that require a story rather than a one-word answer, recommends writer Jessica Stillman in the article “How to Make Small Talk Way More Fun," published on

So let her, but on your terms, and without killing the fun and excitement. Fail, and you’ll be lucky to get a goodnight handshake.