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Shane meaney and danielle murphree dating

I know that Jeff Kent loves his signature racist mustache so much that he kept it well past it's fashionable prime of 1985, but don't you think he'd have been smart enough to shave it before coming on a show like And as it turned out, Jeff Kent's mustache was just the clue that Sarah Dawson needed to piece together his true identity."I used to spend time with a guy who was really into baseball, and I know who Jeff Kent is.

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Jeff also tried to conceal the fact that he was an ex-Major League player, instead telling his Kalabaw Tribe members that he was an amateur motocross rider who owned a ranch and motorcycle dealership in Texas.And looking back, was there something more you could have done to solidify that Danielle kept the nominations the same?I didn’t want Danni to use the veto initially, but I did want to let her know if it was an option that we could all give each others word and move forward with our final three deal.Immediately following the Veto ceremony Janelle and Danielle convened in the Ho H room for a discussion on what caught Janelle completely by surprise.Flashback to AM to find a “shocked” Janelle and a groveling Danielle.Saving Dan gave him the sole evicting vote this week, which he cast to Shane, sending the house flipper to the jury house and sending Danielle and Ian to the Final 3 by his side.

Check out what Shane had to say after this shocking blindside, including what he really thinks about Danielle and who he would have taken to the finals.

Janelle remains very calm and soft-spoken throughout the conversation while Danielle sounds like she’s on the verge of tears.

Danielle pleadingly tells Janelle “I’m sorry,” “I truly am very, very sorry,” and again in what sounds like near-tears “You can hate me, but I’m sorry.” Those are all delivered in under a minute, but the apologies don’t end there.

Shane is the new Head of Household, Britney won safety, and Boogie won $10,000. If it were just Shane, I’d say a 10, but with Brit, I’d say a 9. Frank and Boogie talk to Shane immediately after the nominations. Dan is planting seeds – nobody has a chance against Ian.

Frank says, “I hope that not backdooring Dan won’t come back to bite me this week.” Boogie is glad Frank listened to him. Shane is more physical, but I respect his attitude. Shane can win all the comps he wants because he keeps me and Frank safe. I plan not to get nominated and to play in the Po V. Shane goes along with Boogie’s idea that Britney made him do it. I had the picture tucked away in case I ever needed it. He warns them all – if Ian gets to the end, he’s going to win with a vote of 7 to 0.

Part of being the Big Brother Ho H is putting on a show and talking a big game, but Danielle Murphree seems to be taking it to a whole new level.