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Sexual roleplay free chat website

You can create new commands like /me, /do, /shout etc. Now you can add each chat mode to the configuration files.For detailed information, visit Not sure if I will get a response but I'm gonna try.

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If you change your mind about the account thing, I know Chatango is a popular anime type role play chat site and making an account there takes a username, password, e-mail, and about 15 seconds of your time, unless you take too long thinking of a name/pass.Again, I am looking for something of a sexual nature to roleplay, not dragons & elves.There's quite a few places for text based RP (sexual and otherwise).There's always IRC (m IRC is the client that I use), telnet talkers (Pueblo is a good client), and message boards.Now, depending on your kink you may, or may not like the following places.I have no clue how to switch between channels, I tried /roleplay to switch to the roleplay channel I configured but that does not work, i tried /ooc and such for each channel but nothing.

I cannot find a list of commands anywhere other than the ones above but none of them tell me how to switch between the channels. Also, allow spaces for nicks and the option to have it per channel.

I tested this plugin out in the past and only those who "joined" the roleplay channel were able to hear it so walking around the map you would never encounter roleplaying unless you manually went into the RP channel, but then you could not "hear" what was going on in other channels.

I want to use this plugin badly but I am struggling.

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Ok, I love love love role play, and I tried to do it on omegle every now and then, but omegle keeps clutching, it doesn't let me send some things! There may be one or two, but I doubt they are well known.

Please remeber this is a fan made site and it won't be perfect.