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You could try Williams and Watson cheery little take; "You can get back up on the shelf, I can live cheaper by myself, Dont need no woman to help me starve to death, Can ya dig it........huh" Should you not have reached these depths, I suggest Massive attack; "And though you want to live yourself, Could you forgive yourself, If youleft her here, Just the way you found her, I'll stand in front of you, Take the force of the blows, Protection"The beautiful ones always smash the picture...always everytime......Today, 31% of 14-17-year-olds own a smartphone, and with no restrictions, smartphones can access graphic hardcore pornography with ease.Jeff describes his childhood introduction to the Internet as an “‘instant,’ vast, and deep hole.” Once online, he would look at anything and everything his fifth-grade mind could find.Finally, his sophomore year of college, he got an i Pod for his birthday.Jeff could lay in bed and watch porn with his headphones on while his roommate sat at the other end of the room unaware.The days of the X-rated movie theater may be nearly over, but unfortunately, many teens and young adults today are carrying around an adult theater in their pocket. According to what is possibly the largest porn website in the world, now more than half (52%) of US porn use is coming from of those who access porn in the United States are doing so from a mobile device.

Sadly, many teens are joining the ranks of mobile porn viewers.

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