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Sexchat bot that acctually talks

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(What better use can you put your time in the office at POPxo to, right? Microsoft wants everyone to develop their own bots.

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We’d like to be the first ones to push with this idea that the whole industry should make safety non-negotiable.Once you say the keyword for a third-party action, you’ll start talking to that company’s bot instead of Google’s.Making a decent conversational bot is hard, so Google is suggesting services like its own API.These APIs are little pieces of pre-packaged intelligence that will give your newly born bots the ability to understand humans and their chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.Google is announcing today that it’s ready to let developers create “conversation actions,” little bots that you’ll be able to interact with using the Google Home speaker.

Though the company wouldn’t say when Home and the Google Assistant would be fully open to third-party developers beyond “early next year,” some partners that have already been working with the company could announce new actions in the coming weeks.

, you can now have Mr Grey saying naughty things to you all day long on Facebook Messenger.

As soon as I heard about this, I obviously had to chat with him.

The actions will let you ask the speaker a question and then have a chat about it — the example Google gave in October was ordering an Uber, then clarifying you want an Uber XL.

That whole conversation actually be with the Google assistant, though.

The idea seems scary and the company knows it too, but it envisions a future that is not about “man versus machine,” but “man with machines.” Today at the Build 2016, Microsoft’s chief Satya Nadella said that the bots are like applications that you converse with.