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A brief Vatican statement said Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller's five-year mandate as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a department charged with defending Catholic doctrine, would not be renewed.The position is the most important one that a pope fills in the Vatican hierarchy after the Secretary of State.

"Alongside individual motives, institutional motives — namely, breaking the will of the children with the aim of maximum discipline and dedication — formed the basis for violence." The report's authors said they checked the plausibility of 591 potential victims' cases. Ratzinger, who is now 93, has acknowledged slapping pupils after he took over the choir, though such punishments were commonplace in Germany at that time.In 2015, lawyer Ulrich Weber was tasked with producing a report on what happened.The report said 547 boys at the Domspatzen's school "with a high degree of plausibility" were victims of physical or sexual abuse, or both.Francis says couples who live together outside of marriage "need to be welcomed and guided, patiently and discreetly," and the choice to cohabit may be based on external factors such as financial difficulties or cultural situations."They are not excommunicated and should not be treated as such," and should be made to feel part of the Church "while avoiding any occasion of scandal." The pope says the Christian community caring for such people "is not to be considered a weakening of its faith" but a sign of "its charity." Offspring should be taught to say "Please," "Thank you" and "Sorry," they should be punished for misbehavior, cured of the vice of "wanting it all now" and prevented from watching television programs which undercut family values.It counted 500 cases of physical violence and 67 of sexual violence, committed by a total of 49 people.

At the choir's preschool, "violence, fear and helplessness dominated" and "violence was an everyday method," it said.

Georg Ratzinger, right, on his 85th birthday with his brother, Pope Benedict XVI, during a concert by the Regensburger Domspatzen (Regensburg Cathedral Choir) in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican on Jan. A new report alleges hundreds of members of a German Catholic boys' choir, which was run by Ratzinger for 30 years, were abused between 19.

(Osservatore Romano) At least 547 members of a prestigious Catholic boys' choir in Germany were physically or sexually abused between 19, according to a report released Tuesday.

Pope Pius XII, in an address on September 23, 1951, insisted that only parents should give sex education, and on April 13, 1953, he reaffirmed the decree of 1931.

In an encyclical, Sacra Virginitas, he condemned immodest sex education, and again in an address to families he urged them to fight the writings which were even then flooding the world concerning "sex initiation," and exaggerating the importance of sex.

In a major shake-up of the Vatican's administration, Pope Francis has ousted the head of the Catholic Church office that handles sex abuse cases.