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Sex dating in rialto california

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"It's time for this conduct to stop." Efforts to reach Dobbs were unsuccessful.

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Rialto also known as "Bridge City" features a somewhat cooler version of a Mediterranean climate which may be characterized as a Continental Mediterranean climate, which is known for wet, cool to chilly winters with hot, dry summers.Last month, Rialto Police Chief Mark Kling announced a personnel investigation and placed four police officers on paid administrative leave after Holtgreve came forward with the allegations.Jimmy Gutierrez, Rialto's city attorney, said he plans to return the claim as untimely and insufficient.Her attorney, Danuta Tuszynska, of Riverside, said Holtgreve asked for assistance from police and city officials about the conduct but was ignored."She has been continually threatened and abused by Dobbs," she said.Nancy Holtgreve, a 37-year-old waitress, said she had sex with Officer James Dobbs three times last year at the Rialto Police Benefit Association's union building after she clocked off work in the early morning and while Dobbs was on shift for the department.

"It was at the police union building and anyone that belongs to the union has a key," Holtgreve said.

A phone message to Dobbs through his father in Northern California also was not returned.

Kling said he launched the investigation immediately upon Holtgreve's allegations.

The seasonal Santa Ana winds are felt particularly strongly in not only Rialto but the greater San Bernardino area as warm and dry air is channeled through nearby Cajon Pass at times during the autumn months.

This phenomenon markedly increases the wildfire danger in the foothill, canyon, and mountain communities that the cycle of cold, wet winters and dry summers helps create.

Rialto is located at of 2000, there are 91,873 people, 24,659 households, and 20,516 families residing in the city.