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The ex-wife of the celebrated author Cormac Mc Carthy was arrested for threatening her boyfriend with a gun she pulled out of her vagina after an argument about extra-terrestrial life.

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"The only thing I had seen that answered that description was a grizzly bear in Alaska.The boyfriend then snatched the gun off her, fearing she was about to pull the trigger.He then put the gun in the toilet and told police that when Miss Mc Carthy went to get the gun, he then put it in an outdoor dustbin.After receiving dubious treatment there, priests were released to churches in rural Northern New Mexico, where they continued to molest children.The treatment facility was closed in 1995, and in 2004, the retreat center also was closed. And he is the sort of silver-tongued raconteur who relishes peculiar sidetracks; he leans over his plate and fairly croons the particulars in his soft Tennessee accent.

A writer who renders the brutal actions of men in excruciating detail, seldom applying the anesthetic of psychology, Mc Carthy would much rather orate than confide.

M., because the hermitic author, who may be the best unknown novelist in America, wants to steer conversation away from himself, and he seems to think that a story about a recent trip he took near the Texas-Mexico border will offer some camouflage.

"Mojave rattlesnakes have a neurotoxic poison, almost like a cobra's," he explains, giving a natural-history lesson on the animal's two color phases and its map of distribution in the West.

She is then said to have said: 'Who is crazy, you or me?

' before taking the gun and pointing it at his head.

“The more written about the abuse, the better,” Kiely said.