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Fifty years ago, in the early hours of Sunday 2 July, 1961, Ernest Hemingway, America's most celebrated writer and a titan of 20th-century letters, awoke in his house in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, rose from his bed, taking care not to wake his wife Mary, unlocked the door of the storage room where he kept his firearms, and selected a double-barrelled shotgun with which he liked to shoot pigeons.He took it to the front of the house and, in the foyer, put the twin barrels against his forehead, reached down, pushed his thumb against the trigger and blew his brains out. Witnesses who saw the body remarked that he had chosen from his wardrobe a favourite dressing gown that he called his "emperor's robe".

This festival was first held for the purpose of money donation for Christmas decorating lights, and it is the annual cultural event of the Salley town, South Carolina.She calls art her “main passion” and says modeling “kind of crept up on me.” “It’s not something I intended on doing,” Langley told . But I don’t like to disappoint people, and that made me just go for it.” There’s a decent synergy between the art and fashion worlds right now, and even though she calls art her “main passion,” Langley loves all of it.“I was so scared in front of the camera when I started. “I feel like illustration is coming back into the fashion world,” she told .Here a trunk sprawled with his name in red paint, there a pair of old boots or snowshoes — possibly used by the consummate outdoorsman as he stalked the bucolic surrounds, perfectly framed by the house’s picture windows, in search of something to hunt.Hemingway moved into the house with his fourth wife Mary in Autumn 1959, having left behind his beloved Cuba and deemed the dry climate and the house’s faux-wood, fireproof construction a safe haven for his archives.Annually, in America, many large and small festivals are held.

There are some festivals that are popular and well-known in all over the world.

But Langley prefers to go by Langley Fox (her first and middle names) because it makes her feel like she’s a storybook character.

While her pedigree can’t hurt as she procures work with Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and others, she’s certainly blazing her own path.

Driven by a thirst for adventure, he was a swashbuckling, hard-drinking pugilist who loved being in the thick of the action, whether in the front line of battle or within charging distance of a water buffalo.

He also happened to be the finest writer around, disdaining the grandiose wordiness of Victorian prose for a clean, stripped-back simplicity, conveying emotion by what was not said as much as by what was.

His time in the house proved short on both happiness and productivity, however.