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e has relative living in US roth Fuks born in Lodz 15/01/1915 Amir Fuchs(Fuks) In fact, my mother's maiden name was Fajersztajn, Griner the name of my natural father who died in Auschwitz; Rozencwajg the name of my adoptive father, all from Lodz.

As it happens I know Lodz quite well best wishes Maureen Casey, Devon England maureen casey A wonderful site, Thank you !I am also known to introduce creative and humorous approaches to the interactive process and the presenting challenges.All of which occurs within a "strengths based" optical and in a relaxed setting.""Personal growth is an ongoing process that at times requires focused attention and assistance."As the victim was struggling to get her phone back the suspect grabbed her pocketbook.The victim began to scream and let the phone go." The suspect let go of the pocketbook, but ran with the phone toward Laurel Square Plaza, Boyle said. Around that time, police responded to the scene for a report of a robbery in progress, Boyle said.Other grape varieties grown in the Pemberton Wine Region are sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, semillon and shiraz.

It has also been noted that Pemberton is one of the few regions within Australia that offers fantastic potential for merlot.

The suspect had also been drinking from a Mc Donald's cup prior to the alleged robbery and left the cup behind.

On the day of the alleged robbery, the unidentified woman left the grocery store Aldi and passed the suspect, who was sitting on a bench.

I'm trying to find any information on my grandfather Morris Berger... Sandra Berger Fernandez I have only been researching my family history since July.

The only thing I know is that his family was from Lodz, and he was related in some way to the Kohn's. I have discovered that my Great Great Grandfather, Jacob Etgart (although perhaps originally spelt differently in Polish) was born in Lubien in May 1848.

As the victim went to look at her car, which was in the area of the Big Lots parking lot on Van Zile Road, the suspect asked if he could use her phone because his was not working. Eventually, the victim asked for her phone back, but the suspect would not give it back to her, Boyle said.