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Sam mtukudzi dating bona mugabe

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(Sam, Tuku's son with Daisy was born in 1988 and Sybil in 1989)."Tuku had a fight with Sybil's mother, at Skyline Motel, (located south of Harare but now defunct) and his shirt was torn and he hid it for a long time.

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The source said Gary Tight is dating two other women, who are said to have fought over him recently at City Sports Bar. I have a little problem so I am not settled,” she said.Sources privy to the developments told News Day last week that the 22-year-old Gary Tight had tried to convince Manyowa, a 2012 Starbrite talent search show runner-up, to abort to avoid the responsibility.“Gary Tight and Amanda have been dating for almost three years now, but the problem arose when Amanda told her boyfriend (Gary Tight) that she was pregnant,” a source claimed.“Despite the affair being well known, even by their parents, Gary Tight is now trying to dodge responsibility.“In some of the Whats App chats between Gary Tight and Manyowa, he admitted to impregnating her and told her to abort, promising to stand by her through thick and thin, but she refused and told him that it was not as easy as he thought.” The source said Amanda tried to talk to Gary Tight’s manager, only identified as Tanaka, about the pregnancy, but he told her this was not work-related.His first since the passing of his son, musician Sam Mtukudzi, in a car crash in 2010, the 12-track disc is largely dedicated to that loss.

Tuku continues to release albums which reach top the charts in Zimbabwe as well as featuring in international world music charts.

A cousin sister, who lived in Mazowe, said she understood there was a child thought to be Tuku's daughter living in Mazowe.

When I asked Tuku about it, he first denied any knowledge of Sybil.

I was a Christian and my church didn't allow dating circular musicians.

I bumped into Tuku several other times at the shops and I eventually accepted his proposal and we became lovers that same year in 1978.

Now read on, the extracts from the chapter "Ex-wife Tales" in Melody's own words: I met Tuku in 1978 and he was already doing music.