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Review speed dating book club

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The first rule of Book Club is: you do not talk about Book Club.

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It shows awareness of those around you and a level of confidence attractive to both sexes. So what advice do I give in the face of awesomeness? But there’s good news—by subscribing today, you will receive 22 issues of Booklist magazine, 4 issues of Book Links, and single-login access to Booklist Online and over 180,000 reviews. If you still subscribe to the print magazine, please proceed to your profile page and check your subscriber number against a current magazine mailing label.(If your print subscription has lapsed, you will need to renew.) In November 2016, the Lawrence Public Library Book Squad held its second-ever Book Club Speed Dating event. I've wanted to try it out for awhile now, and I finally went for it last week.I wanted to use a smaller "test" group before trying this with a class of 35 eighth graders, so I tried it with our resource reading classes first.The Book Club's "Last Night a Speed Date Changed My Life" may not have radically transformed this lovelorn Londonista's world - there were a few sparks but no earth-shattering moments of romantic revelation - but it successfully Changed My Attitude to speed dating.

It was not uncommon in the early days of speed dating to find the female daters clustered together in the loos, bonding over a shared despair at the lack of social graces displayed by their male counterparts.

You arrive, bringing with you the book you are currently reading (you have to have started it).

The format will be similar to our normal speed dating events but the idea behind literary speed dating is that everyone discusses the books they are reading and why they like them.

It started out as a novelty, briefly flirted with being trendy, sank for a while into the category of ‘sad but necessary’, rose back again to be ironically hip and now claims its rightful place as simply a great way to meet like-minded singles in London. Last night, conversations were full of phrases such as ‘I’ve never done this before’, or ‘this is easier/more fun/less weird that I thought it would be’. Breaking down that fourth wall relaxes everyone and takes away any potential oddness.2) Keep on movin’It’s awkward leaving a date, particularly if you feel you’ve made a connection. You get four minutes to assess whether you’d like to chat more or not. It also means the event finished on time meaning greater opportunities to catch up properly without having other gents glaring at you and the host politely standing behind you making a cheap joke about it being ‘speed dating not M25 dating’.1) The people – Sticking around! We can provide the best venue with the best drinks, the best staff, the best matching system, the best hosts (ahem!

), but ultimately, if the people who come to the event aren’t up for it, the evening won’t be that memorable. Last night I was lucky enough to host an event full of awesomeness.

So here is what I did: : Decide how you want the tables set up. I put 10-15 books on each table to represent that genre. I also set up a Power Point with the directions for the minutes. As they came in, they noticed the signs and books, and I could already tell they were picking their genres, even though I hadn't said a word about what we were doing. The romance section was particularly popular, even with the boys, so I added some "non-pink" romances to that table for the boys.