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Resident assistants dating residents

RA's dealing drugs and trying to sleep with residents/their hall directors?

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The worst part I have to say, is the mockery of the richness of diversity in actual residence life communities; mocking transgender individuals is actually really disgusting and I thought this show looked a little more grown up than that.RAs must be full-time students who are comfortable with a community living experience.RAs must maintain a 2.5 cumulative and semester GPA (3.0 for graduate students) and be enrolled as a full-time student each semester unless approved in advance by their direct supervisor.To classify as a full-time student, undergraduate students must have no more than 18 and no less than 12 credits per semester, while graduate students must maintain at least 6 units per semester.RAs receive a meal package and either a furnished single room, one-bedroom apartment, or two-bedroom apartment.Resident Assistants are required to participate in training throughout the year to make them more effective in this position as well as providing considerable opportunity for personal growth.

Upon hire, a complete list of dates will be provided, however typical training timeframes include: The Resident Assistant's participation in training/education is a firm requirement and is crucial to the smooth functioning of the halls.

The RA also serves to assist with the personal and academic concerns of the resident and to help manage conflicts that may arise in the residential area.

Therefore, an RA is expected to be a person who cares about their residents and continuously strives to make the residence hall a valuable and educational place to live.

The Resident Assistant is responsible for an on-campus residential floor, wing, pod, building, or area.

The Resident Assistant serves as a facilitator to encourage a positive and welcoming, healthy and safe, cooperative and considerate living environment.

RAs are responsible for the effective functioning of the living environment in their respective residential areas.