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Hill wanted California to set a strict line at age 18, but the effort encountered swift opposition from fellow legislators, as well as groups that include the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

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Rory was a bookworm throughout the show, and literary references were one of the major ways she bonded with her love interests – at least two of them.Elsewhere around the globe, history's most influential thinkers, writers and rulers meddle in games and madness of their own.Originally published in Spanish, Enrigue's latest novel, dubbed "splendid" by the New York Times Book Review, is his English-language debut.A Bay Area legislator was shocked when he learned from a young constituent that while Californians cannot legally consent to sex until they are 18, they can — with the permission of a parent and a judge’s order — get married at any age, even if their spouse is many years older.But Hill’s resulting proposal to bar juveniles from getting hitched has been watered down after it prompted strong objections from civil rights groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union.Instead of attending college, she journeys to Paris and Sri Lanka to create her own form of education, where she meets an assortment of characters who teach, mold and challenge her to examine her own choices and actions head on.

Boyfriend Debate has probably run its course at this point, especially now that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has said focusing so much on Rory's love life is really missing the point.

Here's how to get started on recognizing even the most fleeting of subtle cues.

Whether you're planning a weekend escape or scheduling a little more "me" time this spring, you're no doubt craving some fresh reads, too.

The measure in its current form increases family court oversight to ensure that a minor’s marriage isn’t coerced, including a requirement that judges interview individuals privately.

It’s a compromise, Hill said, but still a positive step.

Quick explainer if you're not up on your Tolstoy: Anna is trapped in a loveless marriage to Karenin, and strikes up an affair with a roguish young bachelor named Count Vronsky. Can't imagine why Rory would Jane Austen Soon after they start dating, Rory and Dean are doing a cute kind of cultural book exchange thing, and as he returns her copy of Emma she asks what he thought. Books were the defining thing that brought Rory and Jess together – so much so that their ship name is "Literati" in some circles – and Jess's bookishness was endearing enough to offset his major attitude Allen Ginsberg In Jess's very first episode – season two's 'Nick and Nora / Sid & Nancy' – he and Luke go over to Lorelai and Rory's place for dinner, which goes exactly as well as you expect.