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Scott Toepfer, a guy I’m humbled to call my friend, came to the Jersey Shore to shoot the second annual The Race of the Gentlemen organized by Mel Stultz (OCC) and put on by the legendary Oiler’s Car Club.It’s an event that can only be adequately described by someone who was actually there in the thick of it– and Toepfer was kind enough to share his personal thoughts with TSY on the sights, sounds, and experiences had by a California boy in Wildwood, Jersey. Back in 1955 or so, a young Denise Mc Cluggage had a chance encounter with a then unknown Steve Mc Queen which led to a brief affair and a long-lasting friendship.

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Not one, but three gratis webcams sites with lots of naughty girls.Up music and credits: hold onto your popcorn, folks– That scenario, or one like it, takes place nearly every weekend in the desert surrounding Palm Springs.Harvey Mushman is the ocassional pseudonym of Steve Mc Queen, movie actor and motor sportsman, when he goes a-racing.She recalls a young, lean Mc Queen who was already obsessed with cars and racing, who swept her off her feet with his searing looks, charm and well… The epic tales of Miles Davis and his need for speed have been on heavy rotation again lately, as they are just too damn good to die.I mean, who splits their Lambo Miura on the West Side Highway, and screams at a good samaritan responder for dumping two bags of blow for him before the cops show up?The opening scene: California’s Mojave Desert at high noon. Through the shimmering heat waves, Mount San Jacinto seems to writhe on the horizon like a dying brontosaurus.

The spines of the cactus at foreground right are in sharp focus, the gleaming spearpoints of a vegetable army. A Gila monster raises its beadwork head and flicks its tongue, alert to the distant sound that is just beginning to insinuate itself into the desert’s quiet.

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Included are a pair of signed Jordan III, the U of O shoe team shoe- by Nike designer Tinker Hatfield (photo) as well as a signed Ray Gordon print, an Una gift certificate and Bonfire gear.

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