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Pistonheads dating pictures

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It’s even started using the same body for different models, as with the VW up! The latest model to follow this trend is the SEAT Toledo.It shares its bodyshell with the Skoda Rapid, which was launched late last year, and the cars slot into their own niche between supermini and family hatchback.

Splodge is toward the top right of the dark area to the left of the scan.This scan was done at the BUPA Dunedin hospital in Reading on Friday 27 August 1999, and its main purpose was to test the nuchal translucency of Splodge, which in turn gives an indication of the risk of it having Down's Syndrome. They couldn't take the measurement while Splodge was resting, so Susan had to get up and wiggle a bit in order to persuade Splodge to move.This scan reckoned that Splodge was exactly 11 weeks old, which gives a due date only one day out from the first scan."Splodge" matched the shapes we'd seen in books and magazines, and after our first ultrasound scans we saw no reason to change it.We had our first ultrasound scan on Tuesday 3 August 1999 at the Royal Berkshire Independent Hospital in Reading.As car makers try to minimise their production costs, there has been a steady rise in the number of models sharing components.

The VW Group is a master of the art, as it employs the same platforms and engines for a wide range of cars across its brands.

It's too expensive and it's range is too limited compared with say Teslas. Even with it, if you try to drive a long way, you will eventually need to stop to fill the teeny tank every hour or so until you have time for a full recharge.

You may like driving it but try living with it: it's a car that needs another car.

Hales was comparing the Porsche 917 to the Ferrari 512S for a glossy feature in the classic car mags.

1972 MG MGB GT #442 ATL Stock #442-ATL USD: $19,995.00 Engine: 1800 cc Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Mileage: 1567 (unknown) Body Style: Coupe Exterior Color: Red Interior Color: Black OPTIONS Air Conditioning Aluminum .....

Surely the S is the one that should get the gong...