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Why is a woman who has a one-night stand a slut, but a guy who does the same a stud, they asked?

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Youthline is the perfect place to contact if you are needing a kind knowledgeable person to talk you through your situation and the situation of the person you are supporting.

You do not have to be in a crisis situation to ring.

OPINION: I'm a bit worried the internet might be ruining sex. But the idea of removing his trousers with a lady person in the vicinity was all too much.

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When my parents were teens, dating in the late 1950s, they drove to a secluded beach for a dip. He hunched silently silent under a towel, pants around knees, paralysed with horror at the depths of the perversions to which this vixen would stoop. READ MORE: * The pros and cons of three months without dating apps * 'It's a match! * Why Generation Tinder won't go back to dating 'the old-fashioned way' CHANGING TIMES By the time I was at uni in the early 1980s, things had relaxed to the point where people were sleeping with people but you sort of had to attempt an awkward week-long relationship after to avoid a serious round of gossip and judgment.