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Palm springs dating

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The Tack Room is a totally-legit cowpoke bar that's actually on the Polo Field groups where they hold Coachella every year.

Am a mid 30's single female..I were lesbian this would be the Holy Grail weekend, but alas I am not - soooo...alternatives? Best place to find single straight guys over 35 (other than the golf course :)? Local restaurants, home cooks and vendors from across the country offer up dozens upon dozens of tamale varieties, all while vying for the festival’s top honors.Try award-winning tamales, traditional favorites or the downright quirky throughout the weekend.This time, we’ll have some guests but it’ll be just me and Haley. Acts will include Lisa Haley and the Zydekats, Greg Jones Band, Seahawk Mo JO, Cathedral City’s Diane Schuur, Yve Evans Trio, Definiens, and Graham Dechter Quartet. residential high schools for gifted students from all art genres, including dance, writing, visual arts, film, theater, and fashion design.It’ll be jazz, with maybe some jazzy pop tunes.” More than two dozen solo acts, ensembles, and bands will perform jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, and big band music on three stages, Aug. PHOTO BY JULIE PENDRAY Last year at Jazz in the Pines, Casey Abrams (left) and Haley Reinhart came with a band. Abrams is among Idyllwild Arts Academy alumni who return to perform each year at this fundraiser for the preprofessional school. Individually, Abrams and Reinhart have been Down Under, over to the UK and Europe, and across the United States since their last performance in Idyllwild, each promoting their latest recordings — Reinhart’s album , a revolving ensemble that performs vintage-themed covers of pop and jazz tunes, and joined each other onstage in other performances across the Atlantic.Join more than 100,000 people for this festive weekend.

Sink your teeth into savory and sweet treats during the Indio International Tamale Festival, held the first weekend of December in downtown Indio.

Thanks - I could deal with living there fairly easily, I think - I live in Sacramento so I'm used to heat!

I don't know that anyone can really answer your question.

Celebrities have had a long love affair with Greater Palm Springs, dating back to the days of Marilyn Monroe and the Rat Pack.

Today’s A-listers flock to the oasis every January for the star-studded Palm Springs International Film Festival, now in its 27 year.

From mouthwatering food festivals and world-class sporting events to star-studded film premiers and unparalleled music festivals, the calendar is always bursting with exciting events in Greater Palm Springs.