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Outlook resource calendar not updating

Groups received a lot of attention from Microsoft at the recent Ignite conference in Chicago.

I've sent a note to support to see if it can be fixed.Not only can you update the calendar in Google but when you do it also updates Smartsheet at the same time.Plus the update time in Google is almost instantaneous where as Outlook takes about 15 minutes to update.As the manager, you will control who has access to the room and when.As a manager (or delegate) for a moderated room, you will receive an "invitation" email.Rooms can be set up to handle reservation requests in one of two ways: A moderated room has at least one user who is responsible for accepting or declining meeting requests, and it can also have other delegates associated with it.

If you have set up a moderated room, requests to reserve the room must be accepted or declined manually.

Outlook 2016 is part of the Outlook 2016 suite and is currently available as a preview edition.

The final version is scheduled to be available in late 2015 and will probably ship at the same time as Exchange 2016. An Office 365 Group is represented as a group object in Azure Active Directory (AAD).

When a new group is created, a provisioning process kicks in to create a shared Exchange Online mailbox, which is used to store contributions to group conversations as well as a shared calendar.

Share Point Online is also involved as it provides a shared document library, which includes a shared One Note notebook.

They don’t exist in the on-premises space but in hybrid deployments, Office 365 Groups can be synchronized back to on-premises Active Directory via the AADConnect tool, where they function as distribution groups.