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Online dating peak season

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The week after, things slow to normal, which could mean the connections were taken offline.JDate & Christian Mingle"This is without a doubt our busiest time of year," Laura Seldon, the managing editor JDate and Christian Mingle parent company Spark Networks, says. But a spokesperson says that this particular Valentine's Day weekend will be particularly active, thanks to President's Day making it a double holiday weekend.

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For those who are keen on being on the site when it has the most number of people, Nielsen's data showed it is best to do so at 9 p.m., when it has an audience percentage of as much as 51.64. There are a few reasons everyone logs on on January 3. Revive your dating profiles, shake off the cobwebs (and by cobwebs I mean old, pre-haircut pictures), and have a trusted friend review your bio, because we're in prime online dating season. A new year is a great time for new beginnings, including new dudes, and according to some data released by, the first Sunday of the new year (January 3) is the busiest day of the year for online dating. The dating site coined the term "Dating Sunday" (which, IMO, is better than Super Bowl Sunday) just for the occasion.Online dating apps Tinder and OKCupid have the most number of users during the peak hours in the evening.Data showed that these sites have as much as 51.64 percent of active audience at 9 p.m., so that would be the best time to look for matches.Dubbed “Dating Sunday,” January 8 is the first Sunday after New Year’s Day, which, according to Tinder, is typically the most popular day for swiping.

And it’s not just for swipers: Match users, too, will flock to the site, showing that it’s not just hookups people are looking for, but relationships, too.

( According to the data, users of OKCupid would usually start getting active on the site at around 6 p.m.

This would continue until 9 p.m., which is found to be the peak time of the app's usage. People who use Tinder start their activity at 5 p.m. In other words, users who are seeking for the best results in their online dating search should be active on the site starting at 6 p.m., but especially around 9 p.m.

The lonely hearts club will be raging on the Internet this weekend.

If you're worried that going on dating sites and apps on Valentine's Day is a faux pas, then let these statistics assuage your fears and enable your swiping.

Breaking someone’s heart at the start of the new calendar year is the stuff of a lousy rom-com starring Katherine Heigl or Cameron Diaz.