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Glittery Allsorts wrote on Twitter: "What is this monstrosity?! “I thought it would be fun to hand badges out to get a smile or a conversation," he told the Press Association.

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Along with these, Dunne passed out fliers that spelled out exactly what the buttons were for: inviting conversations between riders. Resentful silence is the proper way #tube_chat Knty3AK — Boris Starling (@vodkaboris) September 29, 2016 What went wrong? However, when I try to do just that with the video ID of a live stream, the result is always empty, no matter how many comments have been submitted. The only difference between a live video and any other video (or recording of a live stream) is that the 'comments' section is replaced with a 'chat' box, whose comments seem not to be available via the API. When the stream is stopped, all comments submitted through the chat box 'disappear' entirely and can no longer be accessed. However, all comments submitted after the live broadcast has been archived (i.e. And it can certainly break through the shroud of loneliness that tends to envelop big cities like London and New York.

A new wave of nervous commuters will now arise, worried that they’re going to burn in social hell if they aren’t open for a chat with person next to them wearing an unnaturally wide grin for the morning and sporting a 'Tube Chat?

He started handing out the badges at Old Street station on Wednesday morning, and publicised the badges through Twitter and Facebook accounts. JD: "I work in the NHS on the social committee in my organization and we tried to run an event to coincide with the Olympics and nobody really participated.

The hashtag #tube_chat has been trending in London for much of Thursday, notably among Londoners posting pictures of the badge and going "NOPE". It made me think how isolated life in London can be. They avoid the and the peddler."GLAMOUR: So maybe you could try giving them out when people are a bit more relaxed? Yesterday was the first day I tried it and I thought I'd be able to get rid of them pretty quickly as I had to get to work and it took much longer.

Well, the thought behind Dunne’s initiative isn’t bad.

A lot of good can come from a serendipitous conversation with a stranger: you can learn something new about the world or yourself.

Why does Tf L think that we have such bad communication skills that they need to force us all to be friends and get even more personal with the man on the tube who has had his armpit in my face for four stops?