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North korean leader dating

The two women will face a joint trial, which their defence lawyers say could be ambushed by police not giving evidence.If convicted the pair could face the death penalty.

Added Reif, "And that in my view increases the risk of miscalculation and potential conflict — and just reinforces the North Korean regime's view that its nuclear weapons are absolutely necessary and it needs to continue on its current course." "The more we threaten North Korea …There are no "before Juche 1" years, and years before 1912 are given numbers based on the Christian calendar only.Ranges of years that begin before 1912 and end after it are also given in Christian calendar numbers only.It makes for a good read, but the idea of Kim Jong Un actually hosting a Western-style dating contest to find a husband for one of the most eligible women in North Korea seems iffy.The Sun cites an anonymous North Korean defector as its source for the matchmaking contest tip. Time: Recently the DPRK decided to mark the 70th anniversary of the defeat of the Japanese in WWII by changing its time zone by 30 minutes starting August 15.

According to news source Rodong Sinmun (8/8/15), "It was on August 15 when President Kim Il Sung, benefactor of national resurrection and peerless patriot, crushed the brigandish Japanese imperialists by making long journeys of anti-Japanese bloody battles and liberated Korea." Japan had set the time zone to coincide with theirs at 9 hours ahead of GMT; North Korea's will be 1/2 earlier, at 8.5.

The decree on the Juche calendar was adopted on 8 July 1997, on the third anniversary of the death of Kim Il-sung.

The same decree also designated the birth anniversary of Kim Il-sung as the Day of the Sun.

“Kim Jong Un to launch ‘Take Me Out’–style matchmaking contest to find a husband for his spinster sister,” reported the Sun, a British tabloid.

The Sun story goes on to suggest that the process will be similar to a hit TV show aired in the U. where 30 women vie for the heart of one lucky gentleman.

Paektu, the Sup'ung Dam, power lines and a hydroelectric plant, and sheaves of wheat.