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This is a unique opportunity to work on your audition, accent and acting techniques in a series of intensive workshops with leading casting directors.The Casting Hothouse is designed to give Equity members every opportunity to succeed in the local and international market.

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The slide depicts the search “germansinpakistn”, showing an analyst querying XKeyscore for all individuals in Pakistan visiting specific German language message boards. The got the documents about webcam interception by way of Edward Snowden, whose leaks have been an education. (Yahoo has said that it didn’t know about this and that it’s angry; the G. The program was called Optic Nerve, and, although it operated under the G. As the Optic Nerve was based on collecting information from GCHQ’s huge network of internet cable taps, which was then processed and fed into systems provided by the N. Webcam information was fed into NSA’s XKeyscore search tool, and N. “Unfortunately, there are issues with undesirable images within the data,” a document from Britain’s General Communications Headquarters, a spying agency, says about its interception of citizens’ private webcams.

“It would appear that a surprising number of people use webcam conversations to show intimate parts of their body to the other person.” Before getting distracted by the question of whether that is, in fact, surprising, one has to ask: What other private things do the G.

That includes pictures, documents, voice calls, webcam photos, web searches, advertising analytics traffic, social media traffic, botnet traffic, logged keystrokes, computer network exploitation (CNE) targeting, intercepted username and password pairs, file uploads to online services, VOIP streams taken from Skype sessions, and more.

What’s more, XKeyscore users – which include not only NSA agents but also their counterparts in partnering countries that include Canada, New Zealand and the UK – can get the keys to every wireless network through the gathering of router information.

The 2017 Casting Hothouse will feature: US feature film casting director Kerry Barden (Still Alice, Dallas Buyers Club, The Help, Girl on the Train, Pitch Perfect 3)US TV casting executive Matt Skrobalak (The Good Wife, NCIS, Jane the Virgin)AND: Local casting directors to be announced.

Please read the application instructions carefully – your bio and headshot must be submitted as ONE PDF document.

The Equity Foundation’s hugely popular Casting Hothouse will return to Australia and New Zealand in September and October 2017.