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Natalie raitano is dating

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But most guys don’t realize that a female trainer can push them just as hard—or harder.Here, we highlight seven of the best women in the biz, who know just as much about sculpting the male bod as they do their own. They prove “training like a girl” is a When you work out with this celeb trainer and reality TV star, you know you’re going to get results.

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She just seemed so adult, so nocturnal, so foreign.

“Guys approach me all the time because I am so lean, but can lift so much,” she says. “As tough as guys are, they don’t want to feel insecure when training with a girl,” says Stone. “Men love that I’m a high level athlete and competed on a Top 25 Division I basketball team in college.

“So it’s a delicate balance between kicking their butt and making them feel manly.” And the Hollywood fitness expert knows exactly what you want. That always gets me brownie points.” Ninja Ary is not your average trainer, let alone your average girl.

A guy friend of mine came over last week with a noticeable limp, so I asked him what happened.

“Oh, nothing,” he said, “Just sore from working really hard at the gym.” Hm.

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