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Ms money not updating share price

Depending on how you set them up in Money, ETFs can be either stocks or mutual funds. Follow the prompts with a few more clicks and you are done.

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It only updates the prices for your other accounts. You put the ticker symbols in two lists, one for stocks and one for mutual funds.I just thought that I would share my experiences and hope it may help someone else.Money is great but I know the tide is receding on it, so its up to us poor users to keep the faith for as long as we can. Cheers Chrisso Chaps, Just to let you know that Gaier Software have now released their first version of their MS Money stock pricing program.You need the latest account statement for each account you wish to create in Microsoft Money.At a minimum, you will need to get balance information from these statements."It might work fine for some users, but its still obsolete, unsupported software. "Captain Jack Sparrow "When you're troubleshooting, start with the simple and proceed to the complex."M. Johns "Experience is what you get when you're looking for something else."Sir Thomas Robert Deware. There must have been a version change in Quicken at some stage but I don't really know.

It also lacks some functions included in the original. I'm in the habit now of opening up every downloaded QIF file with Notepad and running a macro to change the 'P' to a 'M' before I import them.

Money does everything I want it to do, and does it securely through MS's latest browser. Let me know if there is a better way of handling these downloaded statements. Since I only use it for reconciling my checkbook and savings account, it does everything I need. I prefer to use QIF files to reconcile all my accounts so it was a bit unnerving when I struck problems (and its only with some banks too).

Cheers Chris Chaps, I don't know if you have this issue with Money, but I've found that some of my banks provide their downloaded QIF files in slightly different format.

Use investment accounts in Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe to track individual investments such as stocks, bonds, education IRAs, mutual funds, CDs, or U. Here's an example: You have a brokerage account with Fidelity and which you've used to purchase stock in Microsoft and Wal Mart.

You will need to set up an account in Microsoft Money Plus to represent Fidelity, then you will enter any investment transactions for Microsoft and Wal Mart.

Setting up investment accounts in Microsoft Money can be confusing since Microsoft released the free Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is the most recent version of the software and a replacement for all previous versions.