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If you aren't familiar with the story of how the book got pulled, though no formal challenge had been lodged, and how it relates to Glenn Beck, please click here for the story at Amy Sonnie's blog, Banned Librarian, and here for the updated story in .I don't want to summarize it here--though I will reproduce a quick quote:"[I]n a May 3 email, [Library Director Gail] Sweet told staffers that they needed to 'pull' Revolutionary Voices from library shelves.

It's well documented in official records that the city's original name was 'Snottingham' or 'home of Snotts', but when the Normans came, they couldn't pronounce the initial letter `S', so decreed the town be called 'Nottingham' or the 'home of Notts'.Top list Preferred And Most Excellent List Where can i join a chatroom or chatbox?Or start a voice video or random video call online? If you would like to Live Video Chat with strangers online for free without payment, registration or membership, than you are on the right place.These days meeting new unknown people using the internet is one of the most popular items in life. These video chat sites list makes it possible to connect randomly with persons that are looking for a nice conversation online, start meeting men and woman online.(no payment for download or sign up needed)Top list Preferred And Most Excellent List Where can i join a chatroom or chatbox?'How can we grab the books so they never, ever get back into ccirculation (sic),' Sweet wrote to BCLS staffers.

'Copies need to totally disappear (as in not a good idea to send copies to the book sale).'"Totally disappear.

It's easy to understand why this change was resisted so fiercely by the people of Scunthorpe. Thus, you can get hilarious Malapropers — like "hecko" instead of "hello", or "teasfecesn" instead of "teaspoon" — or else you get results like "cl***" instead of "class", ironically making those words more profane, not less (assuming, of course, that the filter doesn't outright censor the whole message and automatically ban you from the board).

This is known as the Scunthorpe Problem, after an incident in 1996 when AOL's rather simple-minded dirty-word filter prevented residents of several English towns and counties — among them S — from creating accounts with AOL because it matched strings within the town names to "banned" words.

Since it also checked the town names against the postal codes, users from these towns could not get around it by entering modified versions of the names — they were darned if they did, darned if they didn't. The ubiquity of the trope suggests that the profanity filter industry employs a lot of very lazy programmers. For any actual problems with Scunthorpe, see Place Worse Than Death.

Read this to see what they likely have to wrestle with.

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally decided it’s worth it.