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Mamas boy dating tv show

A Sketch Comedy show (19912006) produced by and starring Canadian comic Steve Smith, centered around the members of Possum Lodge, a backwoods hunting camp somewhere in Northern Ontario.

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So there's the real danger that Momma's boy will grow old alone, until smother dies, when it's too late to change their ways and set right what went wrong.Professional athletes pretty much get first pick when it comes to dating. Considering how much these ballers love to sleep with beautiful women, NBA babies are steady growing. To every Momma's Boy there is a Boy's Momma, of course.Although the trope is usually played as inherently negative, it can also be portrayed in a more positive light, becoming essentially a gender-inversion of Daddy's Girl in which mother and son are simply very close and utterly adore each other, often to the exclusion of the father (if he's even around to begin with); and while the well-meaning mother might naturally welcome the idea of her son getting hooked, the usual doting and spoiling with which she treats her son might be a bit overwhelming for potential Love Interests...The lodge members are often famous Canadian actors such as Graham Greene (Edgar), Gordon Pinsent (Hap), Colin Mochrie (in a small role as hotdog expert Frank Kepke) and Paul Gross.

Meanwhile they also carry on with the Show Within a Show that Red and Harold are producing, a local cable-access version of the standard Saturday-afternoon outdoor program.

This most often involves a wild scheme either to raise money or clean up some kind of environmental disaster before the authorities clamp down. Red's updates — and the resulting arguments with Harold — are intercut throughout the show with various scenes of Red talking to lodge members about said issue.

Since the lodge members include such sterling intellects as Ranger Gord the (extremely) lonely forest ranger, Dougie Franklin the mechanic, Edgar Montrose the half-deaf explosives enthusiast, Arnie Dogen the injury-prone roofer and aspiring country singer, Winston Rothschild, III, the prissy sewage magnate, Mike Hammer the itinerant felon, Dalton Humphrey the avaricious storekeeper, Hap Shaughnessy the pathological liar, Buzz Sherwood the hippie pilot, and Ed Frid the hamster-phobic animal control officer..a lot ever tends to get done, except by way of confusing the issue further.

The show is hosted by the President of the lodge, philosopher, handyman, outdoorsman, and basically very average man Red Green (Smith), with technical direction provided by his painfully geeky nephew Harold (Patrick Mc Kenna).

Episodes are usually framed by Red and Harold discussing some activity or event affecting the lodge or its members.

Various topics are touched on, but the actual quality of the information tends to be...well, the most elaborate segment is "Handyman's Corner", wherein Red somehow turns a simple DIY repair or project into a huge, awkward, Goldbergian task with the help of the "handyman's secret weapon", duct tape. Another popular segment is "Adventures with Bill", featuring the title character's attempts (or more accurately, spectacular failures) to get a grip on the whole outdoorsman gig, in slapstick pantomime shown in black and white and narrated by Red.