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ll businesess are in the business of building relationships.We excel at creating campaigns that engage and help create a conversation.

The hacker knew every move the unsuspecting victim made. He could see her in her bedroom, hear her conversations, knew every keystroke she made online.Sarah Gotham and her former lover, Craig Forbes, are accused of streaming the abuse across the Atlantic to Kori Ellis, who lived in California.Prosecutor Heather Hope told Plymouth Crown Court that after Ellis was arrested by FBI officers at her flat in San Francisco in April 2015, she 'admitted straight away that she had contact with other paedophiles, including couples in the UK and one couple called Sarah and Craig.'Sarah Gotham (left) and her former lover, Craig Forbes (right), streamed the abuse across the Atlantic to a paedophile woman in California, a jury heard.And he threatened to expose her secrets unless she bowed to his demands.- Don’t take for granted that your computer’s anti-virus software is a guarantee against intrusions.- Turn off your computer when you aren’t using it.(The majority of computers involved in the sextortion case were laptops; many of the victims chatted on social networks so much that they never turned off their machines.)- Cover your webcam when not in use.- Don’t open attachments without independently verifying that they were sent from someone you know.- It’s okay to be suspicious.“It was a social engineering attack,” said Special Agent Tanith Rogers, co-investigator on the case. They had no idea what had happened until it was too late.”In several instances, the hacker posed online as a young woman’s friend or sister and sent messages with attachments asking if the victim wanted to see a scary video.

The arrest of David Timothy Deakin in the Philippines has revealed one of the darkest corners of the Internet, where pedophiles in the U.

Ben Weiss graduated magna cum laude from Occidental College with a Bachelor's in sociology.

While at Occidental, Ben was awarded departmental honors for his senior thesis, entitled "Patterns of Interaction in Webcam Sex Work: A Comparative Analysis of Female and Male Broadcasters." As a Ph D student in sociology at USC, Ben uses ethnographic methods to study political sociology, law & society, and crime.

Our history of working for some of the greatest content companies in the world means we have established powerful tools for communicating key messages that can be delivered as inspiring entertainment.

We thrive on conceiving creative story lines that accent and grab the attention of the brand with the largest audience possible. They also want a more personal relationship with brands they trust.

Ben's current work examines collaboration between domestic violence survivor advocates and the state.