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It is a way to meet the housing challenges faced by seniors and others.It helps provide affordable housing with existing resources, allows for aging-in-place, builds community and empowers community members.

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The California winemaker has rolled out three irreverent ads (from Harvest Films director Baker Smith and Arcade Edit's Paul Martinez and Dean Miyahira) about how well its Sexual Chocolate wine goes with group sex, horse role playing and bong rips, respectively.Marcia brings many years of success in the profit and non-profit arena as a small business owner, fundraiser and teacher.She is enjoying her retirement years as an active volunteer and launching Laughter Wellness awareness throughout our county.Over 37,500 residents of San Luis Obispo County are over 65 and 10,000 of these residents live alone.Many of these 10,000 SLO county residents are 'over-housed' and have room to spare. If you have felonies, misdemeanors or evictions in the last 7 years, you won't qualify.

Give us a call to talk to us for any issues more than 7 years ago.

Home Share SLO is a San Luis Obispo non-profit program with the mission to help change lives by connecting people and homes.

We facilitate matches between home providers--people with an extra room--and home seekers--those looking for a home.

For a glimpse into the experiences of two women, watch the videos below in which former board member Mary and past RISE client Julia share their stories.

We SUPPORT loved ones of those affected by sexual assault/abuse and intimate partner violence and we EMPOWER victims to heal from trauma and transform their lives.

A world free of sexual and intimate partner violence.