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The US military has been embroiled in a series of sex scandals over the past few decades.

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Okay, sure she's banging an exhibitionist, sex addicted puppet in the ad, but c'mon ... Modi now departs to Hamburg for the annual G20 meetings.Earlier in the day, he got a chance to see first hand some of Israel's newest technologies.On Sunday, gay Israeli pop star Harel Skaat urged young LGBT Israelis to vote politicians like Shaked out of office.He further suggested they protest the government’s position by refusing to contribute to the country, or even by leaving. And you know what, not even to pay taxes on the money you will earn,” he wrote on Facebook.Responding to a petition to the High Court of Justice challenging the current policy, it said that given the “reality of Israeli society,” same-sex parents put an “additional burden” on their adopted children.

Led by some gay celebrities, Israel’s LGBT community and its allies have launched a campaign against the government’s declared position, earning widespread public support.

This is while Tel Aviv did not comment on the previous ones, though it was evident that no one but the regime was behind them.

Meanwhile, the timing of the strikes was strange: they came after Israeli prime minister met with Russian president Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow and one of the issues the two discussed was definitely the Syria crisis.

Authorities have been looking for Cedillo, 58, since February when a warrant was issued for his arrest for failing to comply with the sex offender registration conditions."In July 2007, Cedillo was indicted and charged for sexual assault. The Texas Sex Offender Registry lists Cedillo's victim as a 43-year-old woman.

He was later sentenced and ordered to register as a sex offender," Deputy U. It shows Cedillo he reported to the San Antonio Police Department in 2011, but his current status is "absconded."Cedillo has brown hair and brown eyes.

He is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds."His last known place of residence was on the East side of San Antonio," Bozeman said.